Committed to providing each and every student with an enriching, high quality musical experience.

Guitar Lessons in Eugene and Surrounding Areas

At Guitarclimb we believe that learning music fuels creative expression and ultimately makes us better communicators. This perspective guides our teaching as our students are taught not only the mechanics of music; they more importantly develop skills that allow for their own creativity to flourish. We approach music instruction holistically and strive to give each and every student an indelible, well-rounded learning experience. We pride ourselves in developing meaningful relationships and maintain open lines of communication to ensure that learning occurs in an environment that optimally encourages musical growth. We welcome all walks of life and all types of music lovers. We continually strive to expand our reach to educate and equip anyone interested in realizing their creative potential through music.

Guitar Lesson at GuitarClimb Music Lesson Studio in Eugene Oregon

FREE Supplemental Course Site:

Learning the Guitar, A Holistic Approach

For all of our students that have a method book, access to the course site is free and can be accessed here:

For those who have yet to take a lesson at GuitarClimb feel free to sign up for the course site. There are around 200 sound and video examples that cover a wide range of topics for the beginning to intermediate guitarist. It’s easy to sign-up, just enter your e-mail address and a create your own passcode.